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Cafe Banners

Elevate your cafe’s ambiance and manage your space effectively with our range of cafe barriers. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, our barriers offer a sleek design and durable construction, ensuring your establishment maintains a professional appearance while directing customer flow.

Features & benefits of a Cafe Banners

Create a charming outdoor seating area for your cafe, bar, or restaurant, instantly expanding your capacity and attracting customers. These stylish barriers double as advertising, showcasing your brand with custom-printed PVC banners featuring your own artwork.

But that’s not all! This multifunctional system goes beyond seating. Use it to:

  • Manage queues efficiently, keeping things organized and improving customer flow.
  • Block off specific areas for special events, VIP sections, or outdoor performances.
  • Define your space with a touch of sophistication, separating your establishment from the hustle and bustle.

This easy-to-use system comes in a sleek black finish, adding a modern touch to your outdoor area. The heavyweight posts and bases ensure stability and durability, even in windy conditions.

Chrome Cafe Banners OB-POP-CAFÉ

Black Cafe Banners OB-ECO-CAFÉ


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What is the best way to contact Xtreme?

You can go onto the website

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You can call us:

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What are the file formatting requirements when submitting an order?

We require print-ready artwork per the following specifications:

The artboard itself should be at actual size. read more…

Placing an order

How do I place my order?

We require print-ready artwork per the following specifications:We’d be delighted to accept your order in whatever way suits you best. Emailing, or why not pop in and see us in person. read more…


Can I make changes to my order prior to it being printed?

Please contact us immediately by phone on 01 458 4370 if you need to make a change to an order you have just placed. If you requested a proof, your order will not go into production until you approve the proof. read more…

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